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Disney's Toontown Online is designed for kids as well as adults looking for a non-violent game alternative and has been available to the public as a "sneak peek" since October 2002.During that time, it has been nominated for AIAS' 2003 PC Massively Multiplayer / Persistent World Game of the Year Award, as well as for two Webby Awards for Best Game Website and Best Kids Website.Secret Friends allows chat between two players, but only with parental approval.Using time-sensitive secret passwords (generated by the game and exchanged via an external form of communication), person-to-person messaging is enabled but is filtered for inappropriate language, phone numbers and addresses, and is incomprehensible to other players in the vicinity.Colors are semi-permanent, meaning they cannot be changed unless the Toon Rewrite item is purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog for 10,000 jellybeans.Toon Rewrite allows the player to change the color of their Toon from what they initially chose, and can only be purchased once every 6 months.Since Cogs can't take a joke, Toons confront them with gags, such as dousing them with seltzer or giving them a pie in the face.The game allows participants to play together, communicate in a safe environment, and undertake challenging quests.

Mr Sidhu confirmed the sign would not be going back up at that site.Toon colors are a customization feature where a player can give their Toon in the Create-A-Toon process.A Toon can be an entirety of one color, or have a different color for specific body parts.The readjustment of the sign's sentiment comes a day after the owner of The Winston bar in Hobart posted on Facebook a clarification for patrons that her establishment was supportive of same-sex marriage.

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