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Raising the age of consent, it is argued, will make sex go underground, increasing children’s vulnerability to predators and decreasing the likelihood that sexually active teens will use contraception or sexual health services.In response to such concerns and to a 2001 resolution of provincial Ministers of Justice urging an increase in the age of consent, the Liberal government introduced and passed Bill C-2, The Protection of Children and Other Vulnerable Persons Act. Bill C-2 recognizes the vulnerability of children to all forms of sexual exploitation, and it recognizes Canada’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It created new offences of voyeurism, redefines child pornography, reforms sentencing law, adds testimonial aids for child victims, and importantly draws a distinction between consensual and exploitive sexual activity.Children with disabilities, children in institutions, and children who live and work on the streets are more frequently victims of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.This same principle also requires that every child be provided the sexual health information necessary to protect themselves.