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Contracting officers shall use the following procedures and this class deviation to the extent feasible, in lieu of DFARS 225.7703, 252.225-7023, 252.225-7024, and 252.225-7026, when acquiring products or services in support of military or stability operations in Afghanistan.: This memorandum informs components that when working with contractors performing essential services they must develop and implement plans and procedures that will provide reasonable assurance of the continuation of essential services during any crisis situation using contractor employees or other resources as necessary.: This memorandum permits contracting activities to make determinations that otherwise would need to be made by the head of the agency, for contract actions that support contingency operations or facilitate defense against or recovery from nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack.: The CBE Guidebook codifies enduring e-business tools with an array of capabilities that can be used to support contingency and humanitarian or peacekeeping operations.A small field test site in Mesa, Arizona was chosen as the location for testing the validation approach with a live and coordinated plan operation. 60 is a major east-west freeway in the Phoenix area. The City of Mesa primarily desires to provide access equity to and from the mall while at the same time providing a pipeline operation to and from U. As discussed in Chapters 5 and 6, some findings may be less compelling due to the limited project size.The implementation of an “ON” and “OFF” study was also not a political concern of the city, although staff did not feel comfortable creating virtual incident conditions to test the responsiveness of the to anomalies. Superstition Springs Boulevard connects with both Southern and Power roads in the Northwest corner of the mall and south of U. 60 on the southeast corner of the study area, respectively. In particular, travel time runs are relatively short so some comparison results (e.g. In particular, this highlights the general conclusion of the project that the community should strive to minimize the use of percentages for reporting validation findings.The signals where high-resolution phase and detector data were not collected are also operated in adaptive mode by the , Digital Globe, U. Farm Service Agency.) The existing City of Mesa coordinated traffic signal timing plans were used as a baseline comparison for the adaptive operation measures of effectiveness.There were three coordinated time-of-day timing patterns in operation. For Intersection 1 at Southern Avenue and Superstition Springs Boulevard, the time-of-day timing includes an off-peak (night) and a peak (day) pattern schedule for weekdays and Saturday.

For the other four site intersections, Intersections 2 through 5, the time-of-day timing includes an off-peak, morning/mid-day peak, and afternoon peak pattern schedule for weekdays.: This memorandum rescinds the requirement for Theater Business Clearance of contracts for performance or delivery in Iraq set forth in OSD/DPAP Memorandum, "Theater Business Clearance Update for the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility" dated February 26, 2013 and the OSD/DPAP Memorandum, "Life Support for Third Party Contractors in Iraq," dated February 26, 2013. In accordance with reference (a), effective immediately C-JTSCC no longer has Theater Business Clearance (TBC) responsibility for Kuwait and Pakistan.However, C-JTSCC retains TBC for all Do D contracts within Iraq and Afghanistan.For policies : This memo provides policy and guidance for assisted acquisitions in support of deployed military forces in all phases of military operations and exercises when outside the United States.

See PGI 217.502 for additional information.: This class deviation supersedes class deviation 2014-O0014 and implements: Section 801 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, as recently amended by sections 8 of the NDAA for FY 2016; and Section 886 of the NDAA for FY 2008, as recently amended by section 886 of the NDAA for FY 2016.

Also, the memorandum provides instructions for contract administration assignment to the JCC-I/A.: This memorandum requires Theater Business Clearance for contracts with performance in, or delivery to, Iraq and Afghanistan, to ensure the necessary terms and conditions comply with the in-country commanders’ plans.: This memorandum forwards links for a new PODCAST, pamphlet and brochure that provide useful summaries of key guidance contained at DFARS PDI 225.78, "Acquisitions in Support of Geographic Combatant Command's Theater Security Cooperation Efforts" and reiterates the policy stated in DPAP memorandum dated May 6, 2011.: This memorandum provides updated information on procurement support of theater security cooperation, including an updated Department of State cable and DFARS PGI 207.105(a)(20)(F) on acquisition planning considerations.

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