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Pot Codes: MMMYYWW Example: 1377818 - In 1977 found on the side of the pots, moved to the bottom (and unfortunately sometimes covered with solder) in 1978.The first three digits refer to the manufacturer, CTS."We have a crackling on-air chemistry, and a crackling off-air chemistry, too," says Scarborough, who divorced his second wife in 2013 (Brzezinski split from her husband of 23 years in June).When asked to elaborate, Brzezinski pauses and says, "That's good." Scarborough adds, "I think that pretty much says it, doesn't it?The last four are broken up into pairs, where the first two, 78, stand for 1978 and the last two stand for the week, which is the 18th.Be aware of another code found on these pots, 013446.The second pair of digits are the week, but I have seen one example where the second digits were 72.

Neck Configuration Codes: 00 = Rosewood fingerboard 01 = Rosewood fingerboard 02 = Maple fingerboard 03 = Maple fingerboard Neck & Body Stamps: WWYD Example: 0304 - Basically the same as the date portion of the nine digit neck stamp although in black ink." Rumors of the relationship circulated during the 2016 campaign, but Brzezinski shot them down ("I really don't want to talk about my personal life," she told ).Now, however, the New York-based co-hosts are even discussing how their pets are co-mingling.In this example the pickups were wound by operator #20 in the 23rd week of 1978.

Large Letter Stamps: Not 100% sure what these mean, but I have a theory they were used to grade a body prior to recieving a finish. I have seen four A stamps on Natural finished bodies, and a trans-red with an A stamp. I have also seen a D, along with an A on a Sunburst body.

Ignore all the "FRR" stamps you'll find on the neck base and in the neck pocket.

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    Dating First digit of serial number. TST Springy Sound - Strat, Goldstar's had script logo through 1983. TSS SilverStar - CBS Strat. TTE Breezy Sound - Tele. 1983, Block Logo. TST Springy & Goldstar Sound - Strat. 1984, Script Logo. TST Goldstar Sound - Strat. TSS SilverStar - CBS Strat. Re-shaped headstock on USA.…
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    Apr 1, 2016. The patent was issued in April 10, 1956, so the guitar is older than this date. Tremolo device for stringed instruments. The shape, color, style may provide more clues, but you really need to find that serial number. Actually, this is such a common question, Fender has a specific Web page. At the bottom of the.…