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One complication has been continuing financial losses starting in the most recent years.Last year, 2016, I started asking CFS Members for their input about the future of the site.If you have questions about what this site is about and about the whole subject of cruising, check our FAQ.If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.Although we didn't reach agreement, we continue to work together as friends on joint projects.I am, in fact, working on one of those projects now which will provide more visibility and visitors for CFS.

It will involve rehosting and will also need to be done in stages, starting with the part of CFS that hosts the Home Page and associated pages.This means there is always a delay before your Review is published.Depending on volume and my workload, the delay may be up to several days; best to post plans well in advance.This temporary change is not available for anonymous Guest users of CFS, or for anyone not posting as a CFS Member.

As always, all reviews go through a process of editing and publishing before they go online.

This process slowly began in September 2013 with many technical changes that are not visible to you.