The global dating revolution

Not only did society develop the ability to have more things faster, it would be able to develop better things. The most prolific evidence of the Industrial Revolution’s impact on the modern world is seen in the worldwide human population growth.Humans have been around for about 2.2 million years.While this propelled human progress to extraordinary levels, it came at extraordinary costs to our environment, and ultimately to the health of all living things.While coal and other fossil fuels were taken for granted as being inexhaustible, it was American geophysicist M.There had always been more resources than the demand for them.It would take just one person in the 1960s to make the general public aware of the cause and effect of human outgrowth from the Industrial Revolution.

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From human development, health and life longevity, to social improvements and the impact on natural resources, public health, energy usage and sanitation, the effects were profound.The Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in Earth’s ecology and humans’ relationship with their environment.The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles.By the dawn of the first millennium AD, estimates place the total world (modern) human population at between 150 – 200 million, and 300 million in the year 1,000.

The population of the United States population is currently 312,000,000 (August 2011).

For the first time, the public and industry would begin to grasp the concept of sustainable production and development.

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