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My heart goes out to him and I hope he recovers quickly." In the live album, Bullet in a Bible, Armstrong calls Dirnt "The best bass player in the history of punk rock." In 2012, during the i Heart Radio Music Festival, Dirnt and Armstrong smashed their respective bass and guitar after Armstrong became agitated onstage and ranted about Green Day's set being cut short for Usher. (Jason Andrew Relva)", "Scumbag", "Ha Ha You're Dead," the subtrack "Nobody Likes You" from the medley "Homecoming" and the b-side "Governator," He also co-wrote the lyrics to "Best Thing in Town," "The One I Want," and "Panic Song" with Armstrong, and writes all the bass lines for Green Day songs.Although Armstrong is Green Day's main lyricist, Dirnt has written lyrics for "Emenius Sleepus," "J. Mike also composed the intro to "Desensitized" from Shenanigans using a baseball bat and an old cathode ray tube television.known professionally as Mike Dirnt, is an American musician, songwriter and composer.He is best known as the co-founder, bassist, backing vocalist and occasional lead vocalist of American punk rock band Green Day.The incident escalated into an on-stage scuffle before security took Salazar away.After the performance, Dirnt confronted Salazar backstage, and as the two argued, a beer bottle struck Dirnt in the head, causing a small fracture in his skull.Billie Joe Arms had a relationship with one of the first fans when he was 16, her name is Erica Paleno and they stayed together until 1991.After Erica, Billie started dating a feminist, her name is Amanda but she left him in 1994, Billie wrote many songs about Amanda, including Good Riddance, She’s A Rebe and others, he also named a song on her name, Amanda. Green Day went on more than 150 tours across the whole world, singing their albums and singles.

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After attending Salesian High School, an all-boys Catholic school for his first year, Dirnt transferred to Pinole Valley High School, where Armstrong had also recently transferred from John Swett High School.

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    Tours; Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong doesn’t want a pity party now he’s. Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong in a Sydney press. I’m dating myself.…