University bans interracial dating

The questions is, will white evangelicals continue to support this shady union? It is not too late for us to join together while loving our neighbors, welcoming the stranger, and seeing the image of God in all humanity.Barbara Nguyen and James Willeford say they have faced minimal resistance for their interracial relationship in New York, but believe that attitudes are different outside major metropolitan cities.The history of interracial marriage in the US has long been complicated.Anti-miscegenation laws barring interracial marriage were first introduced in the US in the 1600s to prevent the illegitimate mixed race children of slaves from inheriting property from their white fathers.Attitudes toward interracial marriages are less of a barrier today than ever before, with a 2011 Gallup Poll estimating that 86 percent of Americans support interracial marriage at least in theory, up from 20 percent in 1968.

History repeats, and so we are waking up to the Falwell dream, as much of the diverse and beautiful society that we built crumbles.

Donald Trump gave his first commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday.

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