Updating gameguard

which is to completely remove gameguard 100% OR use alternative clients that require no such thing. IMO it works quite a bit better then the outdated gameguard that is currently used with l2.Now if something has changed significantly in that realm in the last 2 years since i initially had done it and got the "granted legal" by l2 ncsoft, we'll see.. everytime there is an update to gameguard, i let the patcher do it work, try it...There may be a program that is occupying a big portion of your CPU or video driver and/or the sound driver may not be up to date.Windows PC Code problem on your Windows PC or device and also so much frustrated and irritated with this type of error issue.All i ask is that the team responcible for NA Lineage II and gameguard support to make it one of the highest priorities to get win7 gameguard support, as the game works 100% fine in win7, and the fact that other ncsoft games with gameguard work in win7 for several months now clearly shows that the L2 gameguard team is behind and NEEDS to get this out there right now.I actually expected L2 Gameguard to be win7 compliant nearly 2 months ago when the near completed builds of win7 were available and the RC 7100 build had been available since march, knowing full well that Aion with gameguard was working with win7 out of the box, although NOT released, but using a finalized copy of Gameguard that could easily be stuffed into other ncsoft products as an emediate update.You can only wait for it to be fixed in Korea and then wait for a translation. still mass public availability and there were insane number of downloads and it's useable until next year of june. update gameguard it was mentioned and relatively well explained in this very thread and i've said it for awhile.. They seem to cause enough trouble with events and the likes... Modifications of this nature are not permitted and should something go wrong with your client or account as a result, we would be unable to assist you. it's been widely available to the public since March 2009. Now the REAL RETAIL IS OUT NOW As of june 24/25th, the win7 went gold, meaning it's available in a retail and OEM solution, this means any MSDN subscriber has a full legit retail or oem copy of win7 that they can use RIGHT NOW, it's a paid for digital copy, no different then any other digital copy you can buy before it's available in retail stores.. OCTOBER 22nd is just an official in stores celebration day..... i've been playing lineage II on windows 7 since may/june and i must say...

According to Sega, they have identified the source of the problem based on the reports everyone sent in.

After an email and contacting a HGM that reviewed my posts, that ban was lifted and an apology was presented to me.