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My thanks also to the initial core of early in house supporters, headed by Michael Palgon, Suzanne Herz, Janelle Moburg, Jackie Everly, and Adrienne Sparks, as well as to the talented people of Doubledays sales force. Slowly, Sauniere rolled over and stared back through the bars at his attacker.For their generous assistance in the research of the book, I would like to acknowledge the Louvre Museum, the French Ministry of Culture, Project Gutenberg, Bibliotheque Nationale, the Gnostic Society Library, the Department of Paintings Study and Documentation Service at the Louvre, Catholic World News, Royal Observatory Greenwich, London Record Society, the Muniment Collection at Westminster Abbey, John Pike and the Federation of American Scientists, and the five members of Opus Dei (three active, two former) who recounted their stories, both positive and negative, regarding their experiences inside Opus Dei. The curator looked down and saw the bullet hole in his white linen shirt. As a veteran of la Guerre d'Algerie, the curator had witnessed this horribly drawn out death before.My gratitude also to Water Street Bookstore for tracking down so many of my research books, my father Richard Brownmathematics teacher and authorfor his assistance with the Divine Proportion and the Fibonacci Sequence, Stan Planton, Sylvie Baudeloque, Peter Mc Guigan, Francis Mc Inerney, Margie Wachtel, Andre Vernet, Ken Kelleher at Anchorball Web Media, Cara Sottak, Karyn Popham, Esther Sung, Miriam Abramowitz, William Tunstall Pedoe, and Griffin Wooden Brown. The curators true identity, along with the identities of his three senechaux, was almost as sacred as the ancient secret they protected. It was framed by a small circle of blood a few inches below his breastbone. For fifteen minutes, he would survive as his stomach acids seeped into his chest cavity, slowly poisoning him from within.And finally, in a novel drawing so heavily on the sacred feminine, I would be remiss if I did not mention the two extraordinary women who have touched my life. Sauniere now realized his senechaux, following strict procedure, had told the same lie before their own deaths. The gun roared, and the curator felt a searing heat as the bullet lodged in his stomach. Alone now, Jacques Sauniere turned his gaze again to the iron gate.

Last month, much to Langdons embarrassment, Boston Magazine had listed him as one of that citys top ten most intriguing peoplea dubious honor that made him the brunt of endless ribbing by his Harvard colleagues. He is the author of numerous books: The Symbology of Secret Sects, The An of the Illuminati, The Lost Language of Ideograms, and when I say he wrote the book on Religious Iconology, I mean that quite literally. I had planned to introduce him tonight by sharing his impressive curriculum vitae. Thank you, Monique, Langdon said, standing prematurely and edging her away from the podium. He turned to the audience with an embarrassed sigh.First, my mother, Connie Brownfellow scribe, nurturer, musician, and role model. He was trapped, and the doors could not be reopened for at least twenty minutes. Even so, the fear that now gripped him was a fear far greater than that of his own death.And my wife, Blytheart historian, painter, front line editor, and without a doubt the most astonishingly talented woman I have ever known.s Bibliotheque Nationale discovered parchments known as Les Dossiers Secrets, identifying numerous members of the Priory of Sion, including Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Leonardo da Vinci. The lie he told was one he had rehearsed many times . He was trapped inside the Grand Gallery, and there existed only one person on earth to whom he could pass the torch.The past year had taken a heavy toll on him, but he didnt appreciate seeing proof in the mirror.

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