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I asked you to tell me what idea I should validate, too. This was all done without using my existing audience, business, website, traffic or any other resources aside from my skills and the system I teach students who want to validate a business idea in 30 Days to Validate.Want to find a profitable niche business idea this week?After choosing these topic areas, I asked my readers to vote in the comments (below) and hiking in California emerged as the winner.If you want more questions and guidance around uncovering profitable niche ideas, there's an entire lesson & worksheet dedicated to this topic in my upcoming course, 30 Days to Validate.If you're not sure what your interests are, or which of them may potentially lead to a profitable business opportunity, start by answering these questions: build a business around—I didn't know how or what, but that's not important at this stage.What's important is that I focus on the next incremental step that'd get me closer to my goal of validating my idea.Just press play 😊For now, I want cover all of the major lessons I learned during my challenge to validate a business idea in 1 month.

If you don't personally identify as a writer, consider Joel Saltzman's thesis in If You Can Talk, You Can Write, where he teaches people how to become writers by starting them off writing only about the interests they find themselves talking about most—which is also the clearest indication as to what you could potentially build a business around.I also interviewed Pat Flynn, WSJ Bestselling author and founder of Smart Passive Income—his blog that regularly generates $150k/mo—about how he validates business ideas.Listen to the interview on my podcast, The Side Hustle Project right here.It’s not as simple as putting up a waiting list and hoping people miraculously discover your offering & fork over their hard-earned money for something that doesn’t exist yet.

It takes work to build confidence, inspire trust and convince a community that you'll be able to deliver enough value in exchange for the price you're asking.

As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator.

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