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When he was discovered wandering the streets in South London, he said his name was Huang Ngoc Vo, that he was 14 years old, and from Vietnam. And there the matter might have rested, with the migrant child receiving the best help Britain could offer.But in October, telling his foster family he was visiting the local library in Bexley, the boy vanished into thin air. Sadly, Huang’s story is becoming disturbingly familiar — and offers a glimpse into a growing child slave trade in Britain.That’s why police forces from all over Britain launch appeals every week to find missing Vietnamese children.Indeed, the NSPCC has said that a fifth of those referred to its child-trafficking advice centre are Vietnamese.

It showed a short-haired boy with hazel eyes who had arrived alone in Britain last July without any proof of who he is or how he got here.Most migrants, whether old or young, in the French holding camps have fled rural poverty in their own country, according to the French charity Terre d’Asile (or Land of Asylum). Traffickers tell children if they try to escape them, they will hurt them, or their family in Vietnam.The average wage for Vietnamese agricultural labourers is £88 a month, yet some have sold everything to pay traffickers up to £33,000 to get first to France, and then be smuggled across the Channel into the UK. Their parents ‘re-mortgage or sell land off’ to pay for the journey, according to a member of the anti-trafficking agency Ecpat UK. It is a real threat because the gangs know where the families are.’And here in Britain, the children’s problems get even worse as they become caught in a struggle between the council care system and the police on one side — and the gangs who want them in their clutches to set them to work as slaves on the other.According to the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, there are 1.7 million to 3.6 million active cannabis users in the UK, consuming between 620 and 1,400 tonnes each year with an estimated market value of between £2.9 billion and £8.6 billion.