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“There is something phenomenal happening in Dublin,” says archaeologist Linzi Simpson.“The annals record these vast numbers of warriors coming to Dublin, and recent work is now matching that with the archaeology.Wystan’s church in Repton, Derbyshire, that archaeologists first excavated in the 1970s and ‘80s.Historical records tell us the Viking army spent the winter in Repton in 873 A.And near these remains, researchers also discovered an axe and several knives that dated to 872-875 A. About 20 percent of these skeletons were female, a fact that had previously raised doubts that this was a grave for Viking soldiers.But since their discovery, DNA evidence The Great Heathen Army gets its name from the English Christians whose land the Vikings began invading around 865 A. Also known as the Great Viking Army, this military force defeated Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and established a Viking state, before losing to King Alfred when it tried to take his kingdom of Wessex.He also recently co-wrote , aimed at the lay reader.The sheer quantity of artefacts buried points to the importance and wealth of Dublin at the time. At least 59 graves were found in the Kilmainham-Islandbridge area between the late 18th century and 1934.

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It marked the transition among Vikings from raiding cities to conquering them, and is considered an important historical event in the creation of England.

“Dublin becomes a trading capital of the ninth century.” “Ireland is not on the periphery of Europe as Brussels might see it today.

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