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While much of Germanic folklore depicts elves as forest spirits existing in our own world but staying hidden from us, Norse mythology takes a different approach.In that particular cosmology, elves are seen as wholly different races, residing on worlds separate from our own.Outside of that, however, classic depictions of elves vary wildly across cultures, making them out to be everything from benevolent helpers to malevolent predators.In medieval German texts, for instance, elves are seen as wicked, monstrous figures, but that wasn’t always the case.The products will include: a Recharging Magnetic Mask set ($24), which was inspired by K-Beauty skin care trends. The brand is releasing its first magnetic tool and iron-based masked formula with magnetic properties, according to the press release.

Likewise, ballads of the Middle Ages often position elves as tempters and temptresses, but depending upon the individual song, elves can be positioned as seducers or outright rapists.What are your favorite depictions of elves in literature and pop culture?You aren’t allowed to say “The Keebler’s” (they betrayed Dril) but we will accept any and all Vulcans (high elves) or Romulans (wood elves). Aubrey Sitterson is the creator of the elf-heavy sword & sorcery serial podcast, SKALD, available on i Tunes, Google Play, Stitcher, & Podomatic.Most of these changes were made in order to bring traditional Norse and Icelandic beliefs in line with Christian ones, and they included potential edits that might have made the Norse patriarch of the gods, Odin, more similar to the Jesus of the Christian religion.