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"So obviously I knew from that one date that he wasn't my ideal man lets say and now I'm getting stick from this show and from people saying "Oh my God, I can't believe you went out with that guy, he's so hideous"..I didn't go out with him." Damion has not taken the news well, and tweeted his response.

I thought I was going to get to chill out and not do a lot but as always it hasn’t worked out t... He was a nice ex (most of mine are actually, apart from The Tosser, The Murderer and The Horse – more about them later). I posted a photo earlier of my flat tummy after a week on JMEAL (from Most of my best mates over the years have been gay men and still are. You know I did because by now you have probably all seen the drunken singing and dancing videos on my social media. Because these photos from our shoot at Newland Hall are so amazing, they need to be seen BIG! So I am going to be uploading them all here on the website...In recent years the model has reinvented his look, ditching his bleached hair and opting for polo necks over string vests.He has even popped up on Loose Women to talk about his ‘Killing Catfish’ campaign, to encourage the introduction of laws against catfishing. You see, before this you lot only had my social media and while I LOVE my social media pages, a picture only tells one small story; a captured moment gone in the blink of an...

Essex boys are in a whole league of their own; hence why they get a section to themselves.

Please.” Jodie appeared on This Morning last week to discuss her plans to use a sperm donor – but the focus became all about her lipstick-covered teeth instead.

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