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While Shakur's first effort had an indie-rap-oriented sound, this album was considered his "breakout" album.It spawned the hits "" and "" and reached platinum status."I just wanted to rap about things that affected young black males.When I said that, I didn't know that I was gonna tie myself down to just take all the blunts and hits for all the young black males, to be the media's kicking post for young black males.It has no place in our society." Shakur stated that he felt he had been misunderstood.He said, "I started out saying I was down for the young black male, you know, and that was gonna be my thang," Shakur said.

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At the age of twelve, Shakur enrolled in 's 127th Street Repertory Ensemble and was cast as the Travis Younger character in the play , which was performed at the . He developed a close friendship with (later Jada Pinkett Smith) that lasted until his death.I just figured since I lived that life I could do that, I could rap about that." The record was important in showcasing Shakur's political conviction and his focus on lyrical prowess.On 's Greatest Rappers of All Time list, 2Pacalypse Now was listed as one of Shakur's "certified classic" albums, along with , and .In an English class, Shakur wrote a paper, "Conquering All Obstacles," in which he said: "our raps, not the sorry story raps everyone is so tired of. Our goal is [to] have people relate to our raps, making it easier to see what really is happening out there.

Even more important, what we may do to better our world." That same year, Steinberg organized a concert with a former group of Shakur's, "Strictly Dope"; the concert led to him being signed with Atron Gregory.

Although the album was originally released on , rights of it are now owned by .