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A 1773 map shows 196 Presbyterian families living in what is now Iredell and Alexander Counties. Family names included Beall, Bogle, Boyd, Coon, James, Jones, Matheson, Mc Cree, Mc Intosh, Mc Lean, Smith, Stevenson, Sumpter, Thompson and Wilson. The first record of an organized Presbyterian Church in what is now Alexander County was the Salem Church at Hiddenite, organized in 1834. The description in the deed states it was the school lot, located behind what is now the Alexander County Library on Lot Number 51. On April 10 or 12, 1962, the local grand jury declined to indict the subject for the shooting.According to an internet article on and an NAACP document, the subject sent a message to the victim’s father, stating, “If I’d known it was your son I wouldn’t have shot him.” The subject died in September 2004. result[ing] in death” that “occurred not later than December 31, 1969.” The FBI interviewed the victim’s XXXXXXXX.

XXXX stated further that X had also heard that the only other African-American passenger on the bus, a XXXX (XXXXX), gave a statement to Medgar Evers, but then the XXXX began receiving threats on X life and that of her mother, so X was forced to move to Florida.According to Kelly, the victim said something to the effect of, “that’s no good,” and tried to grab Kelly’s gun.It was then that the subject shot and killed the victim.XXXX stated further that the subject woke the victim by slapping several times “lightly” on the face, and then escorted him off the bus.

According to XXXX, the victim struck the subject repeatedly, whereupon the subject pulled out his blackjack and struck the victim on the head.

On April 9, 1962, Corporal Roman Ducksworth, Jr., the African-American victim, was shot and killed by Taylorsville, Mississippi, Police Department (TPD) Officer William Kelly, the subject.